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Finding Gold Tips

Every week when I go out, I look for gold.  Many times people have gold mixed in the jewelry they are selling, and they don’t even know it!  Always have a jeweler’s loupe with you, they are cheap and can be purchased online.  I recommend a 30x.  Remember, ask the price BEFORE you loupe!  Also, bring a small, but strong magnet.  Real gold will not stick to a magnet.  If it’s marked gold but it sticks-it’s a trick!  Here’s a good tip- KP means karat plumb, not karat plated.   It means the gold marked KP is weighed to be exactly the karat marked.  I have found many pieces of gold that were left behind because others thought it was plated! Good luck!


Alas, no yard saleing today

Never try to yard sale when you have a bad head cold.  Not only are you miserable, but they never understand you when you say “Whab price iz dat?”

Yard Sale Costumes

Bout that time of year when everyone needs a good costume.   Yard/estate sales and thrift stores are a great place to shop for some great outfits!  I got everything but the hat at yard sales.  Just keep your eyes peeled out, it’s amazing what you can find!

About me

I love going to yard and estate sales.  My passion is old jewelry, but I will pick up almost anything if it’s old or the price is right.   Several friends and family members have asked how I find the things I do, so I started this blog to share tips I have picked up along the way and to share my finds.   It’s fun, and anyone can do it!

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VintageGems Basic Yard & Estate Sale Tips

Want to get started hitting yard & estate sales?  Here is some of my accumulated wisdom to get you started!

  1. Get out early-the early bird really does catch the worm.
  2. Don’t pay more than $5.00 unless you know EXACTLYwhat it is and what it’s worth.  If it’s really a Rolex,  you got a great deal.  If it isn’t, you won’t lose sleep.
  3. If not shown, ask the price BEFORE you show interest. Also ask if they are willing to dicker on price, it’s amazing how people are willing to negotiate on items they want to get rid of.
  4. If you don’t know what the item is, ask.  (follow step 3 first) I once asked a lady if she knew anything about the jacket I had purchased from her, she gave me the whole history which increased the value considerably (Grandfather’s Spanish American War jacket!)
  5. Older, established, middle-class neighborhoods have the best items and prices.

There are lots more tips I have learned over time, but these are enough to get anyone started hitting yard sales!

Up with the early birds!

The early bird catches the worm!  Up early to hit a 7:00 am estate sale.   Always bring cash, smaller bills are better, and a loupe if you are as blind as me.